Thrill Day Event in Pomona!

The filmmakers of The Way He Makes Them Feel: A Michael Jackson Fan Documentary will be attending the Thrill Day Event in Pomona!

Please read article below for more information about the event!


Thrill the World Los Angeles at the Fairplex in Pomona

BY TONY – OCTOBER 14, 2010


Thrill the World Los Angeles is pleased to announce that this year’s Thrill Day event will take place at the Fairplex in Pomona!

We are very excited for this great opportunity to have our event at the Fairplex.  We want to do more than just dance Thriller.  This year we want to make it a fun day for all, with festivities, entertainment, last-minute dance lessons, and more space to bring in more dancers and non-dancers of all ages to make this year more memorable! There will be lots of food, KIIS FM, prizes, games, special performances and so much more.

Additionally, in honor of Thrill the World Los Angeles, Fairplex’ Halloween attraction Nightmare is opening one hour early and offering a $5 discount to everyone in attendance!  Click here to download the coupon.  And here’s one more tidbit just for all our Thriller dancers:  You can stay in costume while going through the mazes!This is only for you all and only for Saturday.  So keep the fun going at night by staying after our event and enjoy Fairplex’ five terrifying mazes!

We will also be raising funds for The Learning Centers at Fairplex, a vast array of educational programs focused on bettering our community.  Read more about them at

The Fairplex is home to hundreds of events each year, including the LA County Fair.  TTWLA was invited to the fair on October 3rd to participate in the parade dressed as zombies, scaring visitors and dancing on the grounds.  Now, on October 23rd, our hordes of zombies will gather in large numbers at the Fairplex and dance in our attempt to make history once again.

This will be TTWLA’s third year in participating with Thrill the World in a worldwide attempt to break the world record for the largest simultaneous dance in multiple locations with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  In 2008, 114 people danced at the Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles, helping Thrill the World break the previous world record with the Record Holders Republic for the “Largest Simultaneous Thriller Dance” (multiple locations) with 4,179 people in 72 cities from 10 countries doing the same dance.  We did it again in 2009 when over 2,000 zombies took over LA Live, contributing to Thrill the World’s 22,596 people dancing in 264 cities from 33 countries, setting the record again with the Record Holders Republic.

See the videos of Thrill Day from the last two years in our 2008 Gallery and 2009 Gallery pages.

Are you ready to thrill the world this year at the Fairplex?  Get your dancing shoes and come out to one (or more) of our lessons this week!  Bring your family, your friends, your coworkers, your boss, your classmates, even your entire school!  Also, if you haven’t registered for Thrill Day yet, now’s a perfect time to do so!  And it’s FREE!

And for those that want to help we are still accepting volunteers!  Read more info in our article for volunteers.

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