Michael Jackson Birthday Bash and Documentary Screening Huge Success!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful fans that came out to celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday with us!!!

It was a wonderful day, and we are so happy to have met so many incredible people.

We have a few special thanks for helping make this day possible:

Sandy DeFrain and Jeff Stein (Birthday Cake!)

Mark Lampe

Kimberly Stribing

Kelly Seldan


Dan Seaton Brown

Alejandra Widner

Gloria Widner

Patrick Widner

Sugar Mama’s

Regent Showcase Theatre

Jules Sanchez

Aaron Landon

Nikki Thompson

Lillian Husbands

Daniel Hange

J.P.  (Regent Showcase)

Nicole (Regent Showcase)

Arianne Schrodel/Station 26

Gari Geiselman

Julio Martinez

Rosée Entertainment LLC

Maxso the Artist

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Lotus Henna

Thrill the World Los Angeles

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